Clinical Hypnosis

I returned to graduate school after raising my family, a decision I will always celebrate. I enjoy the intricacies and challenges of my work, and the opportunity to work with people and help them find their own ways to negotiate the challenges of life more easily. and find joy and peace within themselves. 

In fifteen years as a therapist I’ve worked with people facing many difficult issues. I’ve seen the debilitating and immobilizing effects of anxiety and depression drain the joy of life from men and women of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles. I’ve seen relationship problems with partners, family, or others can diminish capacity for experiencing pleasure.  I’ve seen people who have experienced divorce, death, and other tragedies which have left them feeling empty and hopeless.  When this happens to any of us, we need to help our emotional wounds heal in order to regain our inner peace. Often this is accomplished by enlisting the aid of a therapist.  In my work I look for the way best suited for each client to facilitate the return to emotional balance and the happiness we all deserve.

I have worked successfully with bright, intelligent and creative people who were losing their way** by experiencing overwhelming test anxiety, performance anxiety (both in the arts and sports), or blocks to creativity. Hypnotherapy and visualization are especially useful in overcoming these issues.  I have worked successfully with students working to prepare for entrance or professional examinations, either because they are extremely anxious or have had failure in their past. Hypnotherapy also helps to enable one to focus on the material being studied and recall it during test-taking. For a time I worked regularly with students preparing for the Bar Examination.

Perhaps my return to college later in life has sharpened my awareness of the challenges that women face today. I see conflicts among the many roles assigned to women and disjoints among the expectations of society and our own needs. Sorting these out for ourselves can be a difficult and sometimes daunting task. In making decisions about occupations, relationships, family, lifestyle, and many other issues we seek to balance our needs, desires and goals. Many of us do not want or are not able to stay in the housewife role and sometimes our upbringing or society itself further complicates our situations.  Both men and women can find themselves in emotionally complex situations. 

My approach to therapy considers that the mind, body and spirit are integral parts of our whole being, and that imbalance in one part has negative effects on the others. Achieving balance in and among these parts is an essential component of the healing process, and I work with clients to help them achieve this balance. 

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